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Landlord's Guide to Replacing Carpet & Flooring


Apartment Maintenance Training


Training your Maintenance Personnel in the following areas can save you thousands every year. Training helps reduce wasted time and helps ensure maintenance tasks are performed properly and on schedule. Here's a simple course outline I created for onsite training of apartment maintenance personnel.



Carpet and Flooring Maintenance Outline


I. Performing Scheduled Inspections

    1. Preventative Maintenance

    2. Using the flooring inspection checklist

    3. What problems to look for

    4. Creating a repair list

    5. How to prioritize repairs

    6. Temporary repairs



II. Damage Prevention Measures

    1. How to prevent common causes of damage

    2. What causes floor damage

    3. Prevention devices

    4. Appliances and toilets



III. Recognizing Floor Problems

    1. How to recognize floor damage

    2. Determining the cause

    3. How to proceed after discovering a problem

    4. Concrete, wood, and gypsum problems and solutions

    5. Cutting repair costs



IV. The Floor Replacement Rule

    1. When should flooring be replaced?



V. Preparing for the Flooring Installers Arrival

    1. What to do before scheduling floor repairs or installation

    2. What to do the day before the installers arrive

    3. When the installers arrive and after the installers leave

    4. The flooring installation inspection checklist



VI. Using the Tricks of the Trade

    1. Quick and efficient ways to get the job done

    2. Communicating with installers

    3. Using the right tools

    4. Applying sealant

    5. Re-sealing seams



VII. Vinyl Floor Preparation Techniques

    1. What you should and shouldn't do

    2. How to prepare a floor correctly

    3. When remove old flooring

    4. How to remove old flooring

    5. Overlaying the vinyl



VIII. Proper Floor Care

    1. Wax and no-wax flooring

    2. Cleaning Care and maintenance

    3. Removing stains


What does a maintenance person do?


Maintenance Technicians must perform repairs on apartments, perform daily tasks as well as a perform preventative maintenance program; Be able to multi-task and communicate effectively with residents, staff, and vendors; Be able to work independently and maintain the buildings and common areas in the best condition at all times all while working in a timely manner. 

Working knowledge of tools and appliances.

Knowledge of general maintenance processes.

Proficient in Basic Carpentry.

Minor Plumbing Skills.

Minor Electrical Skills.

Appliance Repair Skills.

Wall, ceiling and floor Repair.

Painting Skills.

Basic Carpentry.

Sprinkler Repair.

Environmental and Work Hazards

Unpredictable weather, hot, cold, wet, humid, or windy conditions.

Loud noises, vibrations, atmospheric conditions, 

Working in confined spaces such as elevators, stairwells, closets or small rooms.

Exposure to contagious diseases due to frequent contact with general public.

Contact with short-tempered, intoxicated, or aggressive people.

Exposure to harsh chemicals, electrical shock, heights, and fire.


Physical Requirements:

Be able to sit, stand, reach, bend and stoop for extended periods of time and walk around the property several times daily.

Be able to lift, push and pull up to 100 pounds.

Ability to use standard maintenance equipment.

Express or exchange ideas.

Able to walk on uneven surfaces and climb flights of stairs several times daily.

Ability to tolerate stressful situations.

Able to detect potential signs of dangerous or emergency situations.

Ability to work with or without supervision.


Mental Requirements:

Use common sense - use good judgment in making decisions and to work in a reasonable and safe manner.

Ability to consider alternative and diverse perspectives.

Able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Interact effectively with people in a positive manner that engenders confidence and trust.


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Landlord's Guide to Replacing Carpet & Flooring - Landlordfloors.com


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