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Landlord's Guide to Replacing Carpet & Flooring - Landlordfloors.com

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Landlord's Guide to Replacing Carpet & Flooring


Apartment Turnover Getting Rent-Ready Faster!

Here are some smart and money-saving tips to help Landlords organize the order of events that should take place for faster apartment turns! This is the order of events you might find in a perfect world. 


Obviously, not every tenant will give you 30 days notice and not every vacated apartment will need the carpet or flooring replaced. So adjust this basic maintenance list and advice to meet your needs and enjoy those times when everything in your world seems to go just right!



Prior to Tenant Move Out


1. Tenant gives 30-day notice of intent to vacate.


2. Management determines rent ready date and rental applications

begin to be accepted for the unit in question.


3. Unit assessment. If possible, maintenance personnel preview the apartment at least two weeks prior to tenant move out date.


4. A list is made of necessary repairs and vendors are scheduled.




After The Tenant Vacates the Unit:


Day one: 

  • Maintenance crew begins repair work in unit makes final assessment

  • Window coverings removed to be cleaned or replaced


Day two: 

  • Unit is Painted if necessary


Day three: 

  • Clean entire unit

  • Window coverings replaced

  • Maintenance work completed


Day four: 

  • Carpets are cleaned if necessary

  • Carpets or vinyl floors are replaced if necessary


Day five: 

  • Final maintenance walkthrough

  • Unit is now ready to show or rent



Landlord's Guide to Replacing Carpet & Flooring - Landlordfloors.com


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