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Do you own Apartments or Rental Property?

By Alan Fletcher - Flooring Expert & Author of "Landlord Flooring Management"


Do These Common Rental Problems Sound Familiar?

  • High Cost for New Carpet & Vinyl Floor Replacements

  • Never-ending problems with Dry Rot? Cracked Gypsum? Wet Concrete?

  • Expensive Installation and Repair costs!

  • Dog & Cat Urine Damage costing you a fortune?

  • Frequent Mold & Mildew Problems?

  • Tenants ruin floors faster then you can replace them?


Ten Ways to Save On Carpet Replacements

There are many things a landlord or property manager can do to help reduce carpet and vinyl replacement & repair costs. Here are ten money-saving strategies you can do to start saving money today. 



Rental Property Carpet Maintenance Guide

Many flooring problems can be averted if you fix them in time.


Flooring Replacements & Repairs Eating Your Profits?

Most apartment owners wasting a ton of money on carpet & vinyl flooring every year! The problem is due to many factors including bad tenants, high tenant turnover, low-quality flooring materials, pet damage, improper installation and water damage to name a few.  


Flooring Replacement Schedule

Scheduling and planning are the cause of more headaches than any other single aspect of rental management. The number one goal in having rentals is to keep them rented, so you need to be able to get a recently vacated unit rent-ready again in short order. 


Reducing Carpet Replacement Expenses

Rental property owners are warned to keep a close eye on the amount charged for Carpet and vinyl replacements and related flooring repairs... 


Apartment Carpet & Flooring Maintenance Guide

 If you donít keep an eye on it... your money will flow right down that crack...


What to Expect from Flooring Installers

Excerpt from the book "Landlord Floors" by Alan Fletcher... 


Ten Questions to Ask Every Carpet Installer

As you begin calling around to find a qualified carpet installer, here are a few questions you need to be sure to ask...


Finding Qualified Carpet Installers

Some carpet installation jobs are more difficult than others and require a more experienced installer... 

Carpet & Vinyl Installation Inspection Checklist

Print and use my free checklist!

Seven Carpet Buying Secrets Revealed

Here are seven, money-saving, carpet buying recommendations.

Apartment Turnover - Order of Events

Smart money-saving ways to organize the order of events for apartment turns.

Apartment Maintenance Training

Save thousands on flooring replacement and repair costs.


How to Save Big on Carpet Padding


The purpose of installing padding under carpet is to provide a soft cushion of comfort when walked on, to support and protect the carpet from excessive wear and abrasion. There are many ways to reduce the cost of padding that will help you increase your rental profits!




Floorcovering Solutions for Rental Property


This money-saving floorcovering replacement & repair guide (instant download ebook) is mandatory reading for all Real Estate professionals! It's designed specifically for real estate investors, anyone involved in foreclosures, rehabs, buying & selling homes, apartments or condos and anyone who wants to save time & money on carpet and floor covering replacements and flooring repairs. Learn more







Alan's Preferred Carpet Dealers

It's getting harder to find Reputable Carpet or Flooring Dealers! That's why l created my own hand-picked list of over 350 locally-owned Carpet Dealers who offer Free Estimates, Fair Prices, Knowledgeable Staff, Honest Measures and use Qualified Installers! 

See who I Recommend near you!


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Carpet and flooring information for landlords, real estate investors and property managers. 

Learn how to save thousands on carpet and flooring replacements & repairs.

Landlord Flooring Management ebook for rental property owners and managersDiscover My eBook for Landlords: Floorcovering Solutions for Rental Property

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